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: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Final update: June 29, 2020.

For online business, there are two ways to make more sales. One way is to get more traffic, the other way is to increase conversion rate and increase the average order value from existing traffic. It is always wise to incorporate both strategies into the marketing plan but it is much easier to use more of your existing traffic than to increase it. This is because we are never sure of Google's ranking

For additional evidence of this challenge, don't look at vaping sites like E-Cigarette Empire . AdWords It is even more important to make the most of existing traffic in industries where web traffic is not stable by paying for it. Vaping sites can use all the tricks in this book to maximize the value of traffic and learn a lot from it.

Do you think you're already doing everything you can to make as much money as possible in traffic? Do you receive business? Think again because you can do more. Here's how.

Use a content management system designed for e-commerce

We recommend investing in a content management system built from scratch for e-commerce . Free CMS like WordPress with WooCommerce plugin can do a great job on your ecommerce site with just a few products.

If you have a variety of products, you need a CMS designed to provide intelligent product recommendations and integrate cross-sell and up-sell into your purchasing experience. Most importantly, you need to easily create a product search on the CMS and help customers find products that might interest you.

  Products and content are the same and content management system
Understanding the connections between products and helping customers

Investing in clean, fast code and a fast web host

One of the most important things to remember about e-commerce site operations is that people expect everything online Amazon It provides a shopping experience that is as quick and easy as the shopping experience on the site. If the website doesn't display the page almost immediately on the visitor's device, it's safe to assume that the sale is missing.

There are two ways to make your website faster. First, the site's source code should be as clean as possible. Minimize the use of large images. Use caching techniques to limit database queries. Limit the use of client-side scripting. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a free tool that allows you to analyze websites and make actionable recommendations.

When running a speed test on a website One of the most important stats shows the time to the first byte. Now is the time it takes for the server hosting the website to send the first byte of information to the recipient. If the time to the first byte is slow, it could mean that your website is hosted on a slow server, or that you are sharing the server with too many other customers.

In most cases, you can't improve the time to the first byte. Changing something on your website. Hosting companies need to perform some hardware upgrades or stop selling shared servers.

If you can't solve the problem by contacting the hosting company, it's worth it because you can go to another hosting provider to make your website faster and your earnings can be greatly improved.

Developing great customer reward programs

If you use the customer loyalty program built into the e-commerce platform, you may have made a big mistake. Since virtually all online sellers have a rewards program that works in exactly the same way, the rewards program which simply provides points of purchase and allows customers to trade those points for a small discount, is of no interest at all. Will not tilt.

Customer Simple notification means that the lack of reward points for your account and the fact that your customer does not recognize the reward program does not create a repeat business for you.

You can get rid of points completely without customers notice or care, but you shouldn't.

Instead, think seriously about developing a fun and engaging customer reward program. . As a consumer, think about reward programs that stimulate you and do what you can to mimic it.

Here are some examples you can do to make your rewards program more enjoyable.

  • Serve customers with high loyalty. Rewards that cannot be obtained in any other way. Hilton offers loyal customers free room upgrades and late check-out times. With Sephora, loyal customers are the first to purchase new beauty products.
  • Customers can exchange reward points for a truly meaningful discount . Increase the rate at which the most frequent buyers can earn points. Vitamin Shoppe is an example of a company with a tiered rewards program that earns points faster based on the amount of money customers spend for a year.
  • Host "Secret Sales" Events Only Customers Can Make If They Are Members of Your Rewards Program. Do not hold "Secret Sales" every week. Otherwise, the event will give the customer a special feeling. Choose a few times the customer will actually notice.

Perform your role to assist in product search

We recommend that you have a content management system that can provide intelligent recommendations and assist you in product search. Products Better Than You-Enjoy your purchase and help our customers find interesting products. Offer Limited Discounts for products that need more attention.

Create bundles that encourage customers to purchase other products. Creative marketing can help promote sales of non-moving products and it can also help create repetitive business because the purchasing process is fun.

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