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On the afternoon of Sunday, the children are ready to spend on Sunday watching the latest Disney movie. Wait, did the video stop? No more just plain black screen, no audio. Video may be corrupted!

Videos are most commonly viewed and recorded in MP4 format . This format is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. Whether it's mobile or laptop or Windows or Mac, MP4 can be used anywhere. This format is recognized worldwide, but sadly it is still fragile.

The good news is that you can fix corrupted MP4 files. Understanding the error and trying to find the cause of corruption makes things easier. Here are some of the most common errors related to video.

Some common video errors

1. Video cannot be played

Most people assume that the video is damaged if it does not play. Not always. Even if the media player being used is not compatible with the video file, & # 39; Video cannot be played & # 39; message may appear.

Not all media applications support all file formats. There are two options to get rid of this annoying message. You can change the file format to supported by the media player, or switch to a more powerful media player. Media players like VLC are known to support a variety of file formats.

2. Frozen frame

  Have you ever experienced a video freeze after playing?
During? No matter how many times you play these videos, it won't continue
to the end. This is commonly called a fixed frame.
  Frame freeze problem . The most common reason behind this kind of distortion
Some interruptions may occur if your internet connection is poor or if you download multiple files at the same time. The video starts playing at first but stops when it reaches the missing part. For    which recovers MP4 files due to fixed frame issue, download the file again with a strong internet connection. 

3. Codec problem

If the codec of the video is not compatible with the media player, & # 39; video cannot be played & # 39; error may occur. The audio and video codecs used to compress files must be supported by media applications. Otherwise, the error is bound to the surface.

To fix this kind of MP4 you need to install the missing codec. This step often crashes within the system, so the video may still not work. You need to remove all existing codecs and download a complete codec package such as K-lite or CCCP .

Better media player if you don't want to install codec. VLC Media Player is one of the open source platforms backed by the best developers in the field.

4. Distorted sound

Not all MP4 issues are related to video and playback. Distorted and hard sounds can also be damaged. Sometimes, the crackle sound is so irritating that it can stop it.

The first thing to check if you are using a headphone or speaker is that all wires are securely connected. If not, you should check the audio enhancements again in Settings. Disabling enhancements such as virtual surround and loudness equalization can help recover damaged MP4 files with distorted audio.

5. Video and regular black screen crashes

If the video being played repeatedly crashes or only the plain black screen is displayed, the file is corrupted. It can be caused by read and write errors and malware attacks.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to recover a completely damaged MP4 file. It is best to get help from digital video recovery tool.

How to fix corrupted video file MP4?

No matter how the file is damaged, if it doesn't hurt, you can easily find it. Mp4 repair solution. You can still go back to the track. Here are some video recovery methods that can help you to repair corrupted MP4 files.

Use digital video recovery software

If you are looking for a way to recover mp4 video, try this tool. This is probably the fastest and fastest way to fix the video corruption issue. Kernel video recovery Software can fix almost any video problem, whatever the cause of the damage. There is a lot of software on the market that claims to successfully solve corruption issues. But it is not.

It is important to choose the right video recovery software to play the broken video again. Recoverit proposes Wondershare Video Repair . It is one of the most stable video recovery software that can maintain the original quality of the video. Wondershare can also repair damaged MP4 videos that are severely damaged with advanced video recovery mode.

Meaningless & # 39; 0xc00d36c4 MP4 error & # 39; or due to audio-video synchronization issues, this automated tool can be eliminated of all errors with minimal or unattended effort. Wondershare is available for both Windows and Mac and is compatible with many file formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, MTS and AVI.
MP4 video file freeware recovery

VLC media player is one of these devices. Freeware that can be useful in fixing damaged MP4s . VLC automatically repairs MP4 files with .AVI extension. You can also convert files to AVI format. In other words, you don't have to find a suitable file converter.

After adding a damaged MP4, simply set the preference to & # 39; Always fix & # 39 ;. VLC media player takes care of the rest.

To learn more about modifying files, visit here .


Now, you must agree Video corruption is common, but videos can still be fixed. Today there are many efficient repair tools that can solve almost any video problem. But prevention is better than treatment. Still, when time remains, you should take special precautions and not go into troublesome video recovery.

For example, all digital devices should be handled with utmost care. Improper removal of memory card and code can result in file corruption or data loss. It's also helpful to keep your anti-virus software up to date. Finally pay attention to bad sectors on the hard disk . Even small damaged spaces in memory locations can damage entire files.

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