Barnes & Noble unveils a charging dock and keyboard cover for the latest Nook

The bookstore Burners Barnes & Noble sells Nook's latest tablet, the Nook 10.1 ", for $ 129.99 earlier this month. The device started selling last week according to Good eReader

Barnes & Noble is the first official accessory to be released for Nook devices. Third party docks and chargers have also been available for many years. This new charging cradle is sleeved for $ 34.95 and supports corners for landscape viewing. Recently added to the Nook line is more than a reading device – it connects to the Google Play store so you can watch movies while reading and charging, You can use your own wall charger and cable to play the audio

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble also sells smart folio covers and keyboards that are magnetically connected to the device, and when turned off, the display goes off. With adjustable hinges, It's retail for $ 39.95

Since this tablet is basically the Barnes & Noble branded Android tablet, you can use your dock and keyboard to devote more to your device than to read the latest bestseller. It will be more useful to customers who are

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