Dillo: Does This Ultra-Lightweight Browser Still Work in 2020?

Since its inception in 1999, Dillo has been used as a lightweight browser for Linux users with much older hardware and is still used in ultralight distributions. Tabbed browsing and graphics support can be a very tempting choice, but how well does Dillo work for most websites in 2020?

Why Dillo shines?

Before jumping, you must know exactly what is not included in Dillo. Dillo doesn't include Flash, Java or Javascript, it only supports frames. Also, you cannot create user profiles. Perhaps, it's probably the most of the modern Internet in the picture, but who knows? We will look at it in the future.

The advantage of all feature cuts is that even up to 486 with dial-up Internet can run in almost any environment. Dillo, running idle, used 2.9 MB of RAM and 9.5 MB of shared memory, which is microscopic compared to the amount of RAM used by modern browsers.

If you want to troll the internet, people use it. There are Mac, DOS and various Unix variants, but now the website has a source tarball focused on Linux. You can run it on Windows too, but the Dillo team actively hates the platform!

In this article, we will focus on Linux because Linux is about everyone's repository. For Debian and Ubuntu systems, to install per terminal, enter:

For the CentOS systems Red Hat, Fedora, enter:

For arch and arch-based distributions like Manjaro, enter:

After installation, you can start the application using the following command:

Let's do a test

When started on Google, web browsing works reasonably, but the format is completely different from modern browsers.

Gmail doesn't work-complains that javascript doesn't exist.

  Dillo Gmail

Surprisingly, most other services work except Google Maps and forget to play the video!

 Dillo Google Earth

YouTube? As with Instagram, a blank white page was returned. Facebook's first page actually rendered well when I tried other social media, but didn't allow us when I tried logging in.

 Dillo Facebook Welcome Screen

If something is there, Twitter navigation seems to have improved. You will be warned that Javascript cannot be found and you will be prompted to use "Legacy Twitter". If you continue, Twitter's navigation will be much nicer and much more logically summarized in a person's timeline. Unfortunately, like Facebook, I also refused to log in.

 Dillo Twitter

Ebay can at least browse items, but clicking "Buy Now" will return an error for the missing page.

 Dillo Ebay

DuckDuckGo's Lite edition works well with Dillo and has actually been tested in browsers, but the generic version has missing navigation elements and corrupted formatting.

  Dillo Duckduckgo

The major news sites, BBC, CNN and Fox News tests worked surprisingly well, of course, without worrying about the wrong navigation elements. Multimedia playback. It's amazing that Reuters won't load. It was already an unexpected result considering the minimalist layout of the website. All three sites suffer from strange stretching images.

 Dillo Stretchy News

If you drag the window in and adjust it to a thin size, the image will freeze, so you may not like the latest desktop resolution.

 Dillo Stretchy News Corrected

Try this on some minimalist websites. Wikipedia works fine.

 Dillo Wikipedia

Slashdot.org is a kind of work, but the site itself is meaningless because the article itself is not loaded. If you have a relatively simple WordPress site, it will render fairly well.

It's probably a good idea to try some Linux distribution websites. The page in Linux Mint worked fine by default, but all the navigation elements were struggling with the same odd gaps I did before.

  Dillo Downloader

The Debian website undoubtedly works just as well as other older distributions like Arch, Gentoo or antiX.

Overall verdict

Will Dillo continue to work in 2020? no. Not really, or at least not for most people. However, considering that the last stable version was released in 2015, it is not surprising.

In addition to obvious issues like multimedia not working, almost all sites render the navigation text links strangely, spreading them horizontally instead of horizontally. Many search windows also don't work, and Dillo is not familiar with the latest graphic layouts or widescreen resolutions, so the image is stretched.

But it's not bad news, it also has some cool features. Beginners have tabbed browsing, and Dillo has a more detailed download manager than most browsers.

 Dillo Downloader Closeup [19659052] Dillo Downloader Closeup "class ="wp-image-353532 "title ="Dillo Downloader Closeup"/>

Also"www. "If you haven't entered the website you need for your website (a semi-modern feature we think of today), you'll see a warning about HTML bugs in your website code in the lower right corner.

Since web usage is a very old school You can use Dillo, the main users seem to be using ultra-light Linux distributions and professional embedded systems, and if you're using something like Lynx because of old hardware, you can use Dillo instead, enjoying the appropriate graphics instead of a text-only browser.[19659005Browserislikeaniche?Checkoutourguideto7specialwebbrowsersyou'veneverseenbefore


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