eSkootr is a high-speed electric scooter racing series launching in 2021

Formula One and Formula E driver groups launch a new racing series that allows their competitors to compete against each other with ultra-fast custom electric scooters. This series, called "Electric Scooter Championship" or "eSkootr", will be released in 2021, and the launch video will show players wearing neon accessories running around the city streets in a Tron style vehicle. Shows.

Unfortunately, there are very few other details about the series, such as how to finance the series or who your competitors are. All organizers say, "The economics of the category allows us to remove the barriers to entry found in most other motorsport series, and its versatility makes it truly versatile, including racers, cyclists, skaters and snowboarders. It can be hired by companies, and those who ride scooters will be able to achieve an incredible top speed of about 100 km per hour (about 62 miles), so competitors will be in an incredibly dangerous position.”

per hour. They will feature a large platform, fat tires and full suspension to handle fast progress, at least according to the launch video. However, this kind of speed poses a great risk even with the use of specially crafted vehicles and the highest level of protection. When it comes to where the scooter will come from, organizers are building a scooter “in partnership with an already recognized high-tech provider” and will release the prototype later this year.

The mission of this series is very closely related to the mission of Formula E, the all-electric racing series released in 2014. Formula E is not just about pushing the limits of electric vehicle performance. Almost all races operate on temporary roads in the world's largest cities, with the goal of promoting clean energy technologies where they are needed most.

eSkootr is the same.

At each venue city, you can gather representatives of government, industry, and civil society to define policies and practices to build a more sustainable and deliverable vision for future urban transportation.

We will show you how dense areas can be effectively protected and build sustainable urban networks.

It will also introduce a new mobility environment to urban commuters who have traveled by car for decades and have traveled on stagnant routes.

This vision is not surprising for Formula E fans, as one of the organizers of eSkootr is the season. 3 Champion Lucas D. Grasse Audi team driver played an important role in using Formula E for the first time and worked as the first test driver and later as the biggest brand ambassador. Now he is doing the same for this new scooter series.

The eSkootr race can be run in some sort of way in Formula E's street circuits Organizers do not say explicitly in the announcement, but support series. Formula E is looking for a steady support class to help schedule races throughout the day. In season 1, this slot was occupied by the “School Series”, which featured students making and racing small electric cars on large roads. The autonomous race series called Roborace eventually resulted in unchanged, but Roborace is now more of its own (also dominated by Di Grassi).

Jaguar competing in Formula E has organized a series of support made up of I-Pace electric SUVs over the past two seasons. But thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, the series is gaining an ax this year.

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