Facebook and Twitter remove manipulated video from president’s accounts after DMCA complaint

Facebook deleted the rigged video posted on President Trump's account after receiving a copyright infringement report from the copyright owner.

The rigged video shows a black toddler running away from a white toddler, and CNN chyron says, "The scared toddler is running on a racist baby." The original video, which gained popularity last year, is completely opposite, allowing two children to run towards each other on the sidewalk and hug. This video was produced by Carpe Donktum, a versatile Trump meme maker that the President has amplified in the past and uploaded to both Facebook and Twitter. The system arrives with systematic racism across the United States and protest protests the day before June 16, a day celebrated by many by the end of slavery. According to

CNN Facebook stopped posting the video “after one of the children's parents reported a copyright infringement”. A Facebook representative confirmed that the copyright holder filed the complaint with Verge . According to CNN the number of hits exceeded 4 million until Facebook removed it. Jukin Media, a third party that often gets rights to viral video from people, told CNN “The video owner or Jukin Media did not give the president permission to post the video, and after review, we used his unauthorized content I think this is an obvious example of copyright infringement without justifiable use or any other defense.”

"In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have filed a report of copyright infringement from the copyright holders of this video and deleted the post Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in an interview with The Verge

Jukin Media submitted a report of copyright infringement to Twitter in accordance with the statement posted on the company's account. Classified as “Rated Media,” but remained active on the President's account until Friday evening.It seems to be the first time that one of Donktum's edits has received the “manipulated media” tag, which is usually found in Deep Fake. The video has been viewed almost 20 million times in. It is still unclear whether Donktum or the President's team will claim that the meme is transformative enough to be used fairly.

Jukin's statement says, According to the policy of DMCA, we have submitted a notice of discontinuation of DMCA posting." "

Friday evening, Twitter disabled the video. The video was discontinued due to a copyright holder's DMCA report.

"Responds to a valid copyright infringement report sent to Google by a copyright owner or authorized representative in accordance with our Copyright Policy ," a Twitter spokeswoman The Verge . ET: Updated to include comments from Twitter and removed after reporting copyright infringement. The headline has also changed to reflect the update.

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