Facebook’s Giphy acquisition might have big implications for iMessage and Twitter

I'm buying Giphy on Facebook, which means that the way you send and receive GIFs on the internet can change forever. The service claims that more than 700 million people watch Giphy content every day, and many of these comments come from the most popular apps on the Internet (from Apple's iMessage to TikTok and Twitter), which most users see as Giphy's Share and post GIFs using APIs and archives.

At least some of these services will not want Facebook products to be integrated with integrated products. Not only do these companies generally prefer not to rely on major competitors, Facebook's services are not only private (like Cambridge Analytica scandals) and stability (if many major mobile apps were down earlier this month due to a small Facebook SDK bug). There was a problem.

Facebook says developers can rely on Giphy just like before the acquisition. As before, use Giphy in most apps. “People can still upload GIFs. Developers and API partners can continue to access GIPHY's API. Vishal Shah, vice president of product for Instagram, said in a blog post on Friday.

It should be noted that Giphy's GIFs or stickers do not have tracking pixels, cookies or other built-in user tracking mechanisms. Gephy API can view search terms according to Twitter account of messaging service Telegram but not all data. Giphy confirmed in Verge that Telegram's tweets were correct. However, there is always a chance for Facebook to change the way Giphy's lineup goes. In addition, apps and services that use Giphy may discontinue service support at any time, regardless of what Facebook has made regarding the service.

Here are some apps and services with built-in Giphy integration that might be affected by the acquisition. Each app asked if we plan to change how it works with Giphy. This is actually the beginning of Giphy. Services not listed by us, such as Pinterest and Reddit, can share and post files on Giphy, but are not directly integrated with the current service.


When you send a GIF from iMessage through the #images app built into iOS, Apple provides some of Giphy's GIFs. Apple has not responded to the request for comment. Given Apple's privacy policy and the tendency of Facebook to absorb user data from its products, this integration seems to be relaxing a bit.


Mailchimp allows you to insert GIFs provided by Giphy. Built-in tools. Mailchimp says it plans to continue offering Giphy integration to Verge . Mailchimp also provides an official Facebook integration feature that allows you to add an email signup form to your Facebook page and post ads for Mailchimp campaigns to Facebook.

Signal Using the

signal, you can search for GIFs that can be included in iOS messages. Android and Giphy are one of the services that provide signal source GIFs. The signal itself is billed for end-to-end crypto privacy and security-centric messaging services, and the company has not revealed whether it plans to remove Giphy as a GIF source after this acquisition.

This app already implements GIF. Search by privacy protection according to Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike . This means that Facebook may not be able to get data from Giphy GIFs shared by Signal.

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