Google delays the Android 11 Beta announcement as protests roil US cities

Google planned to release new features for Android 11 on June 3, but decided to postpone the release. In a Friday Friday evening tweet, according to an Android developer account, "I'm happy to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate." Google said, "Android 11 will be back with more products soon," but it didn't mention that point.

Google doesn't explicitly state why, but the reason is clear. The announcement comes as many US cities are filled with protests, looting and fire. Minnesota's response to the death of George Floyd far exceeded the Minneapolis conflict. The Bay area, where Google and most of its employees work, had a major conflict in San Jose and Auckland the evening Google called. It is a brutal night in the Bay Area.

The sister site explains:

After the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man arrested for forgery and charges, Minneapolis, Denver, Los Angeles, Louisville, Columbus and other law enforcement forces spread across the country. Police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, were anchored to the ground. He was later found dead in a local hospital.

This incident led to the death of a series of unarmed black individuals, including 26-year-old Brena Taylor . Louisville, Kentucky in March and two whites in February jogged in Atlanta, Georgia before being shot [AhmaudArbery.

The rebellion and the government's response has grown enormously over the past few days. Not only did the unarmed predator drone feed to Minneapolis, but Twitter's tweets about looting made Twitter "dim bombs." This led to a series of events ending with an administrative order that would fundamentally change the essence of the entire Internet if it was possible to survive a court order.

In fact, Google is almost everyone expecting new features in Android. At the human level, the launch delay was right.

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