How to adopt your next pet safely and virtually

People from all over the country are looking for ways to adapt to new telecommuting. Shelters in the United States have been reported to have increased adoption since the pandemic began, some of which had to make waitlists or pause applications until more animals were available., working with shelter and rescue organizations across the country, has seen a 122% increase in adoption inquiries between March 15 and April 15.

This has created a unique problem that many shelters have not experienced before. It is to increase the number of pet adoption applications and raise families that need to adapt to new homes.

Many rescue organizations had to close adoption and medical facilities, and the strategy changed with the change. Their first concern was how to care for animals well with limited staff and closed shelters. Many organizations are becoming the answer. Kirstin Burdett, Director of Admissions and Matchmaking at the ASPCA Adoption Center, said, “Thanks to our extensive network of volunteers, we have been able to temporarily transfer most of the caring animals to foster homes. We support the most vulnerable animals and animal welfare partners who need our help. “

The second concern was how to coordinate the adoption process. This has led many organizations to switch to video conferencing and human resources, virtual adoption events and attempt to establish a link between foster homes and potential adopters. Hannah Stember added, “Some centers are still adopting appointment-only, safe and socially large distance adoptions. She added that most of them are doing virtual meetings and greetings.

On the other hand, cats that haven't changed in the warmer months As mating starts and the litter of homeless kittens starts to appear from the outside, this is one of the most cumbersome and difficult times for rescue organizations, the rescue effort will be more busy than ever, and will be able to adopt more pets.

As a result, despite the increasing number of inquiries The shelter is still looking for support, whether adopted or nurtured.You may not be able to visit an animal shelter, but you can still welcome the animal home using some of these virtual methods, but to adopt a pet before following these steps Remember that this is a promise for the rest of your life: “You shouldn't take your pet adoption decision lightly,” says Meagan Licari, President of Puppy Kitty NYC.

Some strategies for adopting rescue pets in difficult times And the advice is as follows:

Investigate nearby local rescue organizations

First, decide which pet is right for you and your family: cat, dog, lizard, rabbit, guinea pig?

Make a list of 8 to 10 rescue organizations in your area, many protections these days Since the application it has been flooded may be some waiting list will take into account a variety of sources. Shelters are usually not the application of these quantities can be viewed at once also a lack of volunteers in many facilities. So be patient. Don't be discouraged.

Make sure you are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization during your research. Each non-profit organization must apply to receive a 501 (c) (3) qualification and EIN number to become a tax-exempt charity.

Take time to do a general study of each organization. Visit the website to read the latest articles mentioned and check out the social media pages. At the end of the application process, you may also be able to confirm to the organization how to keep medical records of all animals.

Be flexible when looking for pets.

Find the right pet for you and your home. Visit each organization's website to see which pet bios are available. You can also check the pet finder and pet adoption. View pet profiles and synchronize with rescue organizations.

Be as open as possible and don't settle on just one animal. It's also important to meet and learn more about multiple animals, just as the rescue agency should have multiple options.

Some of these shelters may not have the bandwidth to constantly update all pet profiles, so selecting one may not be available anymore. Kittens and puppies are among the first adopted animals. Therefore, when contacting, there may be a waiting list for adoption. Be flexible and talk to the organization. They guide you in the right direction.

Application for employment

I found a pet I want to hire and can use it. large! First, fill out an application for adoption that can be found on each organization's website.

Many organizations may be waiting because they are juggling the influx of applications. However, eventually you can contact us by phone or email to discuss your application and interests and schedule a virtual visit.

  • Pet history
  • Whether the landlord accepts pets
  • When everyone in the family approves this decision
  • When you can afford to keep animals [19659024] For taking care of new pets If you can provide advice and information
  • Organizations

Regardless of whether you are allergic to the pet you are adopting, the organization will let you know after further review of the information

Schedule reservations and greetings

If approved, we will reserve a reservation to meet your pet. Some local shelters can make direct visit reservations to control the number of people in the facility and take appropriate precautions. Others can actually book video calls the way they meet animals. When contacting about applications, ask what each organization's processes are like and help them find the applications they want.

If everything goes well, your organization can set a good time to pick up your pet, or you can find a volunteer or transporter who can bring your pet.

When the pet is in a foster home

If you are raising a pet you want to hire, the organization may be connected to the foster home in which you currently live. This is a virtual video call that can “call” your future pet. It's a great time to ask foster homes more questions about animals and their personality / behavior and see if there's anything you can do to make them happy and comfortable at home.

Some organizations also offer consignment targets. Adopt a situation where you can temporarily raise your pet before deciding to adopt it officially. Since many organizations are unable to meet and greet them in person, this is a good alternative to ensuring that adoptees and pets match well.

Participate in Virtual Adoption Events

Pay attention to the Virtual Adoption Events! This type of encounter is the first in many organizations, but it has become an effective way for adoptees to learn about their future pets. It also provides an opportunity to “listen” to the animals that wish to adopt and learn about the adoption process by listening to the organization's input.

Alena Jones of Houston Pets Alive said, “We have been very successful in running a virtual adoption event every weekend. Best Friends Animal Society recently held "adoptagram" using Instagram. Licari of the puppy Kitty NYC, who recently held her first event on puppies, said, “This animal allows you to show off your animals in a stress-free way, and your personality can shine. (Public: Puppy Kitty NYC is a regularly nurturing and volunteering organization.)

Follow these organizations on social media to see your pet dogs and see when the next virtual adoption event will take place. [19659037] Puppy Kitty NYC held its first virtual adoption event with the Bond Vet Clinic at Zoom.

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