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Just because you have to work at home, you can't work together in real time. Google Docs allows you to easily collaborate with your teammates, allowing you to work all in one document. Each person can view the rest of the team's work and make suggestions and comments directly on the digital page. Here are some ways you can collaborate on Google Docs.

Two ways to use shared documents

Two most common ways to collaborate on sharing Documents are brainstorming sessions and work together as a group of paper.

Collect ideas from team members using one single document where each person can list ideas.

If more people need to write a final report, if more than one person, you can write a piece of paper to each person. Everyone can work on documents at the same time, and each team member can review and comment on what other team members have written in real time.

How to share

Documents in Google Docs are to share documents with people who want to access them. Depending on your role in the project, you can give each person different access. The three access levels are & # 39; modifiable & # 39 ;, & # 39; can comment & # 39; and & # 39; can be seen & # 39 ;.

  • Anyone who has the "Modify" permission can change and have direct access to documents without including other team members can.
  • A person who can "comment" cannot directly change the document. They can only add comments to share their ideas.
  • With the "visible" access level, you can see what others are doing, but you cannot change or comment.

The document (that is, if the document was created) has all three rights. Each person who opens the material while working on the document will have the changes in real time. Different colored cursors are displayed for each contributor.

Work with shared documents

It is time to share documents that have been shared with or shared with me.

Edit mode When working in

edit mode, all changes to the document are displayed immediately. Place your cursor where you want to add text and type. Changes without notifying others.

  Google document collaboration view others work


Comments allow you to add a virtual sticky note to a document. Comment:

1. Highlight the section of text you want to comment on.

2. Click the small plus sign that appears on the right edge of the page.

  Google document collaboration comment add icon [19659026] Google document collaboration comment add icon "class =" wp-image-342798 "title =" Google document collaboration comment add icon "/>

3. Please enter

  Google Document Collaboration Add Comment

4. Click the Blue Comment button

  Add Google Document Collaboration Comment

To respond to a comment, click on the comment and type in your reply, once the problem with the comment is cleared, you can remove the comment to keep your copy clean.

To review the removed comment, click on the comment icon (balloon shape with row) You can see all the interactions between the comment and the comment.

Another handy tool in comments is the ability to tag other editors to send questions or ideas to specific people

1. Enter @ in the comment box

  Google Doc Collaboration Tagging

2. Choose from the options or enter the email of the person you want to tag

3. If this is a specific task you want to complete, check the box next to its name Must be completed and marked as completed

  Google Document Collaboration Assignment Work

Suggestion Mode

Suggestion mode allows people who collaborate on a document to edit the copy they need to approve.

  Google Doc Collaboration Editing Suggesting

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