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Isolation and locking around the world made me rely on video conferencing and virtual conferencing to do online work and do most of the work. Sitting for hours in front of your webcam has become a new standard as apps like Zoom, Skype, etc. take up most of your daily life. Many people are now wondering how to improve the quality of video calls and make them look as good as in real life on the Internet. Whether you are a student who wants to improve their online classroom video calling, or a businessman who likes to look at the camera, these tips can help you improve the quality of your video calls.


The most important element in any video is casual or professional video. In video calls, the lighting on the face should be bright. If you sit in front of a window or in front of a light source, your face will be backlit, making your face darker and the background / around completely white.

However, if you keep natural light coming in from the front of the window and put your body in front of the light source, your face and function will be much better. You can see the difference below directly.

Place it near the beam. The best option is a window with natural light coming in, but other lamps / light sources work. I want to make a video call on a laptop sitting in front of the monitor. The monitor's soft, white light helps improve the quality of video calls.

  Enhance video call quality light source

Make sure the light source you choose is at an angle directly in front of you or directly above it. If you place the light source in a low position, the video call may look like a horror movie.


Another important element to keep in mind is the background you display to the other person. telephone. We recommend using a clean and clean background. If the background becomes complicated with things, it can confuse others. It doesn't matter if it's a personal phone call, but if you're in a business meeting or online class, you need to pass that in the background.

Camera angle

We discussed having the right lighting angle. It is important to maintain the correct camera angle for video calls. The camera should always be placed at eye level or slightly above. This is standard for those who work at the table, but if you call from somewhere else, set the angle correctly. I don't want to position the camera too high to look at the camera or too low so I can see both inside the nostrils or double chin. Always aim the camera at eye level.

  Improving video call quality

Internet connection

It is important to connect online to do important activities online. You should have a connection of 1 to 2 Mbps or higher. Otherwise, delays will occur frequently and you will not be able to see, hear or understand the other person. It is recommended to test drive before participating in the actual meeting. If problems occur, keep the backup network and backup equipment nearby. (Yes, it's always wrong in unexpected situations.)

Eye contact, posture and attitude

Eye contact, posture and attitude in conversations make a significant difference in video calls. When talking to someone, make sure you are looking directly at the camera instead of your face on the screen. It's a good idea to check your image once before calling and then close it all. It can be a hindrance to many people. When you look directly at the camera, you feel that people are looking at it, and they look reliable and confident.

  Improve video call quality screen

Similarly, attitude and attitude are very important. Sitting in an upright, attentive position makes you feel better than sitting in a chair, making people think of you as an unmotivated and lazy person. Regarding video calls, dress appropriately from head to toe, depending on the type of video call. I don't want it to look like the following image.

  Reporter caught without pants

Before choosing clothes, set the background color of the video call to avoid confusion. Another important tip is to avoid shirts with small patterns or repetitive details. This leads to an effect called the moiré effect, which distracts the camera.

Yes. Using the tips mentioned above, you can improve the quality of your video calls. Best of all, always be prepared with confidence to help you survive video calls. If you use Zoom, don't forget to use some features for better teleconferencing.

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