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Many of us now have a lonely time. Isolate oneself for our own safety and in many cases we are rather faced with a lot of downtime with friends. The internet may not help you make friends in real life, but there are plenty of great solutions to share your experiences together. One of these is Steam, where you can broadcast game sessions to your friends for gameplay, commenting, and even voice chat!

This article will guide you how to see your friends playing games via Steam. .

First open Steam, then click Steam in the upper left corner->Settings->Broadcasting.

Click the Privacy Settings drop down and click "Friend You can ask me to watch my game" or "Choose a friend can see me. Games." (The latter means that you can watch at any time without your consent.)

You can change other things such as resizing the video (decreasing the resolution if experience delays or quality problems occur), maximum bit rate, etc. And encoding optimization – improving quality or performance.

When you have finished making changes, click OK.

Next, start the game you want to play. Friends can see the game you are playing in your friends list. Right-click on your name in your friends list, then click "View Game".

 Let your friends watch the Steam game 2

Game by "requesting" your privacy settings to your friends If you allow them to view them, accept them when asked to watch them. When you make a friend watch publicly, your friend will start watching right away.

During playback, you can press Shift + Tab to view and chat on the broadcast window. Your friend on it. Of course, you can also voice chat with a friend by right-clicking on the friend's name in the friends list and clicking "Start Voice Chat"

 Let a friend play a steam game. Start a voice chat

Are you looking for another way to make friends while you are self-reliant? Here's how to share your screen via Skype: If you are looking for a Skype alternative, I will explain it here too.

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