How to Pass the Presenter Role During Video Conferencing

During a remote meeting, sometimes you may need the ability to pass the presenter role to other attendees. Using PowerPoint, whiteboard or video, participants can interact similarly to face-to-face people.

Here is a comprehensive guide to conveying the presenter role in popular collaboration tools like, Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom. And Google Meet.

1. Change presenter role in Webex

If you are the organizer, you will be the default presenter of the Webex online meeting. For best results, we recommend all presenters use a desktop PC or Mac. Right-click on the participant's name to change the role to Presenter or Host. The difference between the two is that the host has additional privileges such as recording meetings, ending meetings and muting / unmuting participants.

If you do not want to leave the middle meeting, please use the "Presenter" mode for attendees.

Participants can now go to "Quick Start" and "Share Content" in a meeting. 1 "class =" lazyload wp-image-343039 "/>

In the next step, participants can share screens, open whiteboards, or view files and photos from various cloud apps. You can share: To run a PowerPoint presentation, you need to select “Share Screen.”

  Presenter Mode Webex Share Screen 1

PowerPoint can be used as a participant's laptop or other You can run it on your device, if you are using a mobile phone, you can use Google Presentations to play attractive presentations

  Presenter mode Webex representative presentation 1

New presenter The screen of the meeting can be seen by both the meeting organizer and other participants. To exit, right click on your profile and switch back to Presenter

  Presenter Mode Webex New Presenter Screen 1

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting to Host To pass the presenter role, go to "People" and select a new presenter. You can grant additional privileges as a "organizer" that works similarly to a Webex host:

  Presenter mode Gotomeeting Assign Presenter 1

New presenters can capture everything on the device screen simply by clicking on the "Share Screen" icon. Flashes green

  Presenter Mode Gotomeeting Share Screen 1

Now you can do many tasks, including PowerPoint, video and PDF files. You can run on the device.

  Presenter Mode Gotomeeting Shared Presentation 1

The screen of the new presenter must be displayed to the organizer as well as other GoToMeeting attendees. You can release the role of presenter at any time by right-clicking.

  New Presenter Mode Gotomeeting Presenter Screen 1

3. Zoom

The option of passing the presenter role as a zoom organizer is slightly different from the above tool. Participants can be asked to "Start Video" or "Create Host", similar to providing a presenter role in Webex or GoToMeeting.

Currently there is no separate option to change the meeting host in Zoom.

  Presenter mode zoom assignment presenter 1

The new presenter offers a variety of presentation options including screen sharing for PowerPoint, whiteboard and cloud app integration.

  Presenter mode zoom sharing screen 1

The meeting organizer can terminate the sharing rights of the participants at any time.

  Presenter mode zoom stop sharing

4. Google Meet

If you're using Google Meet to collaborate via video chat, it's very easy to share your screen in “Share Screen” in the 3-dot menu in the top right. You can select full screen or switch to application window. Click "Share" to finish sharing your screen.

  Presenter mode Google Hangouts sharing screen 1

5. Passing Presenter Role in hosts can see all participants in the "Participant List" bubble.

  Presenter mode participant list 1

Select one of the meeting participants and pass on the "Presenter role".

  Presenter Mode Assign Presenter 1

New presenters must click the phone app icon in the lower right corner to share the screen.

  Presenter mode screen sharing 1

At any time, the meeting organizer can point to the participant's name and "take back the presenter role".

  Presenter Mode Stop Presentation 1

How presenters can switch for various online collaboration tools. Learn more about some of these apps in the best video conferencing apps for 2020. Have you encountered any problems or technical issues while interacting with meeting tool participants? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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