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If you need to record interviews, meetings, lectures or other things using WhatsApp, you have to work in advance. WhatsApp doesn't have built-in recording capabilities, and solutions like third-party applications and screen recording software can be tricky. This is because both Android and iPhone have built-in privacy features that interfere with applications using the VoIP protocol. [19659002] This method does not work on all phones. Therefore, the mileage may vary significantly. The simplest solution may actually be using an app that supports call recording like Skype, Messenger, Google Voice, Zoom, etc. However, if you can't choose, there are several ways you can record WhatsApp calls.

WhatsApp call recording on Android

Audio call recording app

The most convenient option for audio-only WhatsApp call recording on Android is Cube Call Recorder (there are other apps, but most effective), when you start a call Every time it starts automatically. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with all Android phones, but it is best to be compatible with your phone.

1. Download the Cube Call Recorder app.

2. Grant all permissions and check all the boxes you request and install. (A lot is required.)

3. If your phone doesn't support VoIP recording function, you may not be able to record WhatsApp calls.

  Whatsapp Recording Cube Incompatible

But go to "Settings-> Recording" and see "Ignore VoIP -Check Support"

  Whatsapp recording cube settings

WhatsApp may hang while this feature is turned on, so test it before making an important call, you can also change the "VoIP Record Audio Source" to "Microphone" to see if you can receive audio from your speakerphone.

4. When the app works during a WhatsApp call, a small recording box on the screen turns on:

  Whatsapp Recording Cube In Call

Otherwise, "Force VoIP & # 39; Use the & # 39; Voice Call & # 39; option in Settings-> Record & # 39 ;.

Screen recording app

Get video / audio if you are using Android 10 or higher (the first version that allowed Google to record internal sources) (video works) From WhatsApp calls using screen recorder app to Android version Regardless).

There are many great screen recording apps like Mobizen Screen Recorder, MNML and RecMe, but the AZ Screen Recorder supports internal audio recording. Android 10+ devices.

  Whatsapp recording Az recorder Whatsapp menu

Very easy

  Whatsapp recording Az recorder setting

Press the red camera button to start recording And stop using the notifications in the notification list. The resulting video should capture audio from both sides. If you want to remove the video and keep only the audio files, you can export the MP3 of the audio from programs like Any Video Converter or Freemake Video Converter.

Mirroring the screen to your computer

Another option if your computer is convenient, use a screen mirroring program like ApowerMirror, LetsView or Vysor to grab video and audio from your Android device and built-in screen recording program like Flashback Express or OBS Studio Is to record everything. The exact procedure depends on the app you are using, and you may need to change the screen casting settings. I found this to be effective in ApowerMirror:

1. Install the app on your phone and install the program on your computer

2. Enable transfer on your Android phone.

  Whatsapp Recording Apowershare Casting

3. Mirror your phone via Wi-Fi (not USB)

  Whatsapp recording Apowershare menu

4. Turn on your phone speakerphone and turn off your computer's microphone.

5. Use a screen recording program on your computer to capture the audio being transmitted. Stay away from your computer with comments.

  Whatsapp Recording Apowershare

If nothing works, check the speakerphone + second device solution below. The quality is not surprising, but it works!

WhatsApp call recording on iPhone

Audio only using second phone and QuickTime

  Whatsapp Iphone Quicktime recording

WhatsApp call recording on iPhone is a bit Cube to do on Android It becomes more difficult because there are no apps that can catch the audio in any way you can. If you have two phones and a Mac, there is a complicated workaround, but it takes some time. You need to connect your primary iPhone to your Mac using a lightning cable, select it as an audio source in QuickTime, start recording, make a secondary call from WhatsApp with your primary iPhone, add real contacts to group chat, and check [19659029] Screen recording

  Whatsapp recording iPhone screen recording

Or users using iOS 11 or later can capture video and audio using the built-in screen recorder.

1. Go to "Settings-> Control Center" and click "Customize Control".

2. Add a screen recording to the Control Center by tapping the green circle with a plus sign.

3. Open the Control Center and press and hold the Record button.

4. Turn up the volume of the ringtone by turning on the microphone and recording external and internal audio.

5. Tap the red line at the top of the screen to stop recording and save.

6. If you only want to keep the audio, you can load the video into a program like QuickTime and export only the audio.

Screen mirroring

If this feature does not work or your device does not have iOS 11, you can also use a device like AirPlay or ApowerMirror to mirror the device to your computer and then make a call with a screen recording program like QuickTime or OBS Studio You can also record. The steps are almost the same as for Android, but you don't need to turn on transfer.

If none of these solve your problem, you may need to rely on the solution below. Recording with auxiliary devices.

Final resort: speakerphone and voice recorder

  Whatsapp recording dual device

This method is of poor quality but it works. If the above solution fails or you need quick setup, make a WhatsApp call through the phone speaker and record both sides of the conversation using the standard voice recorder app on the second device. For example, you may be near your computer by calling your phone and running a recording program.

Why is it so difficult?

Recording someone without permission is legally affected in some areas. It is generally good for privacy if that option is not available. If you don't want to jump over many hoops to set up an audio-only recording, screen mirroring for a screen recorder or computer is best. It can also be used for group video calls.

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