How to Search for Emails in Trash Folder in Thunderbird

If you're overly addicted to organizing your inbox and you've deleted unwanted emails, it's possible that you're still in the trash of your emails when you've made a mistake. The bad news is that many emails and email clients, including Thunderbird, don't show deleted emails because they don't include the Trash folder when they run the search. The good news is that at least Thunderbird searches emails in the Trash folder for quick changes to settings.

1. Thunderbird Recycle Bin Folder Included in Global Search

Thunderbird uses the global search system to find emails that match your search terms. In other words, it returns results from all folders in all linked accounts except the Trash folder.

To make emails appear in the search, you need to go to each individual Recycle Bin and change the settings.

1. Find the Trash folder to include in the entire search results. It should be in the folder browser window on the left.

  Thunderbird Search Recycle Bin Trash Folder

2. Right-click on the folder and open the "Properties" menu.

  Thunderbird Search Recycle Bin Select Recycle Bin

3. The "Include messages in this folder in global search results" option is displayed. Make sure the check box is selected.

  Thunderbird Search Recycle Bin Recycle Bin Properties

4. Go back to your inbox and search for the message. The result should contain messages from the trash.

  Thunderbird Search Trash Recycle Bin Search Results

Don't forget to narrow your search to specific senders and folders using the filters on the left. You can also open the search results as a list to apply Thunderbird's more powerful folder filters.

The downside of this method is that the Recycle Bin pops up in the global search until the settings are disabled again, which can complicate the results. If you want one quick search in a specific trash, use filters instead of search.

2. Manually searching for messages in the Trash folder

Another way to search for messages in the Trash folder is by performing a manual search in this folder.

1. Right-click on the Trash folder in the left pane. If you have multiple Trash folders, right click on the folder you want to search.

2. Select "Search message …" "

  Thunderbird Recycle Bin Right-Click Search Message 1

3. You can now set multiple conditions and search terms for Thunderbird to search for specific emails in the Recycle Bin. Subfolder There is also an option to search on the server.

  Thunderbird Recycle Bin Search Window

3.Thunderbird Recycle Bin Folder Filtering

Unlike Global Search, Thunderbird's filter function is only available for the currently selected folder And it works by default in the Trash folder

1. Navigate to the Trash folder you want to search for

  Thunderbird Search Trash Trash folder

2. Menu on the left side of the "Search" bar Click "Quick Filter" in

  Thunderbird Search Trash Filter

3. Enter a search term in the "Filter this message" box below the main search window

If you need a one-time search or if you do not want to organize the entire search results with deleted messages, please do as follows: Togo.If you have multiple Trash folders to search for the same term, when switching folders, keep the filter active using the tack on the far left of the Filter menu, then switch between Trash folders until you find what you want.

What if I still can't find it?

Try other search terms such as sender name, email, etc. What can appear in email addresses, outgoing domains or subject lines I tried to scan the trash, but still get emails If you don't see it, it's a good idea to search your webmail. You can check whether you can recover deleted items from the mail trash. If you can find it in your webmail, but don't see it in Thunderbird at all, you'll need to check your sync settings again. There may be a problem downloading messages from Thunderbird.

Can be used to avoid confusion. Number of filters to achieve Inbox 0 in Thunderbird.


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