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Zoom is a great way to stay in touch with colleagues and others far away from society today. Easy to use, only the person who created the meeting needs to download the software. There are many ways people can participate in meetings.

But how does it work?

Creating a meeting

If you want to be the host of a Zoom call, you must first download the software from . After downloading the software, install it as usual.

1. When the zoom dialog box appears, click "Sign in" to create a meeting.

[19659007] Join the expanded / collapsed call conference screen "class =" wp-image-340427 "title =" Join the expanded / collapsed call conference screen "/>

2. Click the "New Meeting" icon to start the meeting immediately

  Attend to the Zoom In / Out Call Host screen

3. Click the Schedule button to schedule the meeting

  Expanded / collapsed telephone scheduled meetings

4. On the screen that appears, enter information about the event and click Schedule

5. When you are ready to start, go to the top of the zoom box and click on the meeting

  Zoom in / out conference tab

6. Find the meeting you are starting and click Start [19659003] Invite

To invite users to a meeting, you can send an email through the app or paste a link to another email or message:

  Attending Zoom Calls Contacts Screen

Receiving a meeting

If someone sent you an email invitation for a Zoom call, you can make a call in several different ways:

  Email invitation when attending zoom

Your email will look like this:

You may also only receive the link:

Mobile App

Another way to get into Zoom Calls is to download the app from your smartphone.

1. Open the app and tap the blue "Join Meeting" button.

  Enlargement / reduction call Main page Mobile Participation

2. On the next screen, enter your meeting number and tap "Join Meeting".

  Meeting in a zoom in / out conference [19659036] Joining a zoom in / out conference "" class = "wp-image-340426" title = "Joining a zoom in / out conference" />

Meeting coordinator If everything received from is a link, the address following the slash is the conference number.


You can also make a call using a web browser. Enter the meeting by copying and pasting the link listed in Joining the zoom meeting.


To dial a conference and use audio only, select a phone number from the list and dial. You are prompted to enter the meeting ID number that appears in two places in the email.

Expansion of news

Zoom's personal information protection and security news has been released recently. Just a month ago, Zoom served a customer base with fewer than 10 million daily users. Now they serve more than 200 million users every day, which creates new challenges for the company.

We are working to fix these issues, we have been suspended for 90 days in feature updates and we are focusing on security and privacy issues. If you are uncomfortable using zoom now, check out the other options.

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