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Skype allows you to host a simple video conference with up to 50 people for free on any device. Here you will learn the detailed steps to set up video conferencing in Skype on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Note : For advanced video conferencing activities such as online whiteboards, Skype for Business has stopped, so you need to create a separate account from Microsoft Teams.

Skype video conference for desktop

To set up Skype on your laptop or desktop PC, please download the relevant version of Skype from the official site. Currently it supports Windows 10, Mac and some Linux packages as shown here.

Windows 10 users can also download Skype from the Microsoft Store. It is built-in and displayed as an integrated app. All laptop and PC users have an option called "New Chat" next to the "Chat" tab. Here you need to select "New Group Chat".

  Skype Video Conference New Group Chat

Please give the new group chat a name that reflects the "My Group" or team's motto.

  Group in Skype videoconferencing

To start, add a few members from the Skype contact in the group chat menu. Don't worry if some meeting attendees aren't on your Skype contact list. You can add attendees separately, as shown in the next few steps.

  Creating a Skype video conference group

Once a group member is added, you can invite them to a video call from the display options at the top right.

  Skype video conference video call

Before sending a video conference request, make sure that "Audio and Video Settings" is enabled correctly. You should be able to hear your voice from the microphone and hear the speaker correctly. If you're not sure, call with the Skype bot.

  Skype video conference communication settings

When a call starts, the participant can see the participant at the moment they answer the call. Links to immersive full-screen video that comes with “Group Screen Sharing”. That is, all attendees are displayed in the horizontal bar at the top right.

Skype allows you to drag and drop files up to 300MB into the chat window so that everyone on the call has the same access. To do this, click on the "+ More" option button. Skype also has a recording feature that allows you to capture minutes.

  Skype video conferencing group call

You can invite new attendees through the "ringtone" option. You don't have to have everything with your Skype contacts. If you have enough Skype balance, you can invite someone to the meeting by dialing someone's phone number manually.

  Add people to Skype video conference calls

Final recordings are available for Skype video conferences and can be downloaded as MP4 files within 30 days of the call.

Skype video conferencing for mobile / tablet

To use Skype's video conferencing feature on your smartphone, the options are the same as your desktop, but the placement of the menu items is slightly different. Make sure you have downloaded Skype for Android or iPhone.

  Skype Video Conferencing Mobile App

Tablet users must download the “Tablet for Tablet” optimized for Android tablets, iPad, Kindle Fire and Windows 10 tablets from official tablets.

  Skype Video Conference Tablet App

You should be able to find the option for "New Group Chat" on any mobile device. This looks very different from what you see on a laptop or PC.

  Skype video conferencing mobile new group chat

Skype video conferencing mobile new group chat ” class=”wp-image-340368″/>

Skype video conferencing users are added to groups, similar to the one described above for desktops . When users are added, the group video call options are displayed.

  Skype Video Conference Mobile Video Group Call

Unlike the desktop option, you can "delete" a group on your mobile / tablet and it's easier to add people online. link.

  Skype video conferencing mobile group work

This article describes an easy video conferencing session using Skype. This is a very useful feature in the era of remote networking. If you are not satisfied with Skype, there are a few other video conferencing software options to check.

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