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Even after expanding to support almost all platforms under sunlight, Kodi still doesn't support any parent to be considered a transaction breaker: Parental Controls.

Thank you. tDon't look for infants who are watching “Return of the Alive” instead of “Toy Story”. At the end of this article, there is a “Child Safety” Kodi setting that gives kids peace of mind when accessing the remote without supervision.

Initial settings

Assuming that Kodi is already installed, the first thing to do is to split the collection into two different folders. One contains "younger" content and the other contains different folders.

Profile settings

Launch Kodi and enter the settings screen at the top left. Click "Profile Settings".

In the "General" tab of the option, turn on "Show login screen at startup" to activate your profile.

  Family friendly Kodi Show login screen

Go to the second tab of the option "Profile" and click "Add Profile …".

  Family friendly Kodi add new profile

Enter the name of the new account for the child. You can enter whatever you like, such as "child" or name.

  Add family friendly Kodi profile name

Kodi asks the user to select a different folder for his profile if desired

  Coordination set profile folder for families [19659020] Family Coordination Set Profile Folder

In the "Edit Profile" dialog box, leave as is. Check again that "Media Information" and "Media Source" are set to "Separate". This defines that this new account can access different content than the default master account.

  Kodi Separated Media Source for Family

If you have previously used and configured Kodi, you will be asked if you want to "Start with new settings or copy from default". You can choose ".

  Keep family friendly Kodi settings

Kodi now has two profiles. This is a new profile created with the defaults and children displayed as the default user.

  Family friendly Kodi master user account

Enable the "Master Lock" option Restrict access to the selected profile to you.

  Family friendly Kodi Enable Master Lock

Please select the desired "lock" type to continue. We used the classic "numeric password".

  Family friendly Kodi numeric pass lock

Please enter your password and check again to make sure it is correct.

  Family-friendly Kodi Enter password

Leave all other options intact and restart Kodi to see if the newly set profile is working.

  Family Kodi exit and restart app

Add content

Run Kodi again After that, you will be prompted to select a profile. .

  Kodi login for family with child account

The first time you log in with a new profile, Kodi asks if you want to change the name and customize it. Settings for photos or some restrictions. Skip now and click OK to continue.

  Family friendly Kodi new profile customization

Go to the Movies section of the private Kodi main interface. Click "Add Video …" to get rid of this little problem.

  Add some family friendly Kodi videos

Click "Browse" in the "Add Video Source" dialog box. Choose a folder with all child-friendly movies. The name of this "media source" is automatically filled in with the name of the selected folder. You can change it to something else if you like.

The next step is Kodi asking about the contents of this directory. Click "Include in this directory" and change to "Movies".

  Select Kodi content type for family

Kodi sets the rest of the options for this “media source. You can tweak it if you like, change it from where you get the information about the movie, but you don't have to click OK when done

  Family Friendly Kodi Content Type Options Dialog

“Are you sure you want to refresh information for all items in this path?” Answer positively and let Kodi scan the contents of the folder, get the relevant information and add it to your profile library

  Family friendly Kodi Refresh folder information

To create a separate folder for episode content, repeat the procedure but change the content type to “TV Shows.”

  Repeat for Kodi series for families

When returning to the main Interface, after a scan, Kodi displays all the children's content as your child sees

  Kodi content screen for families

Locks [19659004] Log out or apply from Kodi Exit and restart the program, this time choose to log in as “Master User.”

  Family friendly Kodi master account again

Please enter the previously set code The message is displayed

  Enter using family coordination code

Go to the Movies section just like the children's account, but this time add

  to the family Kodi account Add both content folders
  Kodi for your family All content for you [19659083] Kodi for your family All content for adults

This feature shows you all the content available for your primary account Offers and does not provide adult content for children's accounts

Children are smarter than accepting creditworthiness and can treat children Access to "hidden" content Like Kodi's You can navigate through the settings. At least nothing can stop it.

Click the gear icon to go back to Kodi's settings, go back to the Profiles section, select the child account, then select "Lock preferences" in the "Edit profile" dialog.

  Kodi Lock Kids Account for Family

This time, instead of setting a password corresponding to the password, the rest of the “Lock… Activate the setting. After finally logging off and returning to Kodi, you can use a) a password account that is not completely restricted, but b) a free account. We do not allow you to change settings for minors in your family or access any content.

As a final step, setting Kodi to start automatically with the desktop completes the parental control settings for Kodi. Don't forget to install this add-on to stream your favorite shows or sports.


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