J.K. Rowling is releasing a new book chapter-by-chapter online for free

JK Rowling will be releasing a new children's novel Ickabog over the next seven weeks, and this book will be published online in a small chapter and will be free to readers.

Rowling is hosting [Ickabog on a new website that publishes "one page (or two or three)" at a time, according to Rowling's notes. The first two chapters can now be read, and although there is no explanation for the content of this story, Ickabog seems to be more common with traditional fairy tales. Picture a distant kingdom with lords and kings. Harry Potter An idea came up while successfully writing a series, but it is not.

"It is not a Harry Potter and does not contain magic." Rolling wrote. “This is a completely different story.”

Ickabog appeared in a typical Rowling way. “I read two children from chapter to chapter a long time ago. While i work. “As time came Ickabog Rowling said,“ I brought a book for adults instead. [Ickabog ended in the attic. ” We decided to fold the new content and make it available online. Rowling wrote on her personal website:

“Ickabog is a story about truth and abuse of power. “To raise one clear question: the idea was well communicated to me 10 years ago, so it is not intended to be read in response to everything that is happening in the world right now. The theme is timeless and can be applied to any age or country. "

Rolling is asking children, teens, adults or book readers to provide illustrations of the story. In the announcement, she is an official tournament run by Scholastic, and those who come to work are scheduled for the second half of this year. You can see the work in the printed version of Rowling, which does not state if the people who provide the work are rewarded for their work, but the official competition rules where a total of 34 winners will receive a “signed copy of the book” Scholastic will also “donate the value of books to the winner's chosen school or library” for $ 650. “

” will offer suggestions on what to draw as we follow.

Ickabog After was first launched online, Scholastic publishes in traditional formats such as books, e-books and audio books.

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