Lenovo’s new 14-inch USB-C monitor is thin, light, and portable

Lenovo has created a portable USB-C monitor that can be a practical way to add additional screens to your laptop. We've seen a variety of handheld monitors for years, but most of them are bulky. The USB-C for monitors has finally come to the forefront and Lenovo's ThinkVision M14 looks like a solid attempt.

Lenovo's portable USB-C monitor does not include a battery for the notebook, unlike the Asus ZenScreen. , Tablets or even phones need to power the display. Lenovo does not provide estimates of power consumption, but it is not important for this type of display. Lenovo also offers an adapter that supports power pass through, so you can charge and power your monitor at the same time. At this week's Mobile World Congress we have a chance to try out the ThinkVision M14 briefly and it's amazing in weight and weight.

Lenovo is committed to resolving this issue. It is bulky and has a cover to protect your display when placed in a bag. There are two USB-C ports on each side, making it easier to place cables, whether you use cables on the left or right side of your laptop. Lenovo built most of the components on the base and gave me a solid feel during my time. The height of the monitor is raised, and the monitor stand that fits well with the notebook is added.

The slightly disappointing part is the display chin. Lenovo, HP and other PC makers are hoping that these display jaws will be preferred to a vegetable display. It is still growing. Nevertheless, these portable monitors have finally become a lightweight way to add portable laptops. This is useful if you need extra space for tasks such as editing photos or videos. Lenovo plans to sell ThinkVision M14 for $ 249 this summer.

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