Microsoft’s Cortana chief is reportedly leaving the company by the end of the year

ZDNet reports that Microsoft's Javier Soltero, Vice President of Cortana, will arrive by the end of the year. Soltero first joined Microsoft when he released the email app Acompli in late 2014.

The Soltero and Acompli teams helped Microsoft significantly improve the Outlook iOS app. He later became the overall director of Outlook before taking on Cortana's senior role in March of this year. The massive reorganization of the company has created new interest in artificial intelligence and the cloud, and Terry Myerson, senior manager of Windows.

ZDNet migrated Cortana to Corti's artificial intelligence research division and Experiences and Devices last month, making Cortana an experimental research project as productivity assistant to existing Microsoft software. Soltero is said to be returning to corporate space, but once he leaves Microsoft, it's not clear what his specific plan is.

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