OnePlus confirms its upcoming cheaper phones will be called Nord

OnePlus has released a new product line of cheap mobile phones called OnePlus Nord with the goal of “to allow more users to access the premium OnePlus environment”.

"We are extremely proud of our flagship products and will continue to build them in the future. Technology driven flagship products for users. We are delighted to share this OnePlus experience with more users around the world through this new product line." OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced

OnePlus was originally launched as a cheaper device (originally OnePlus One starts at $299), but has been a premium smartphone for the past few years (currently like the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro). Best known, these models have attempted to challenge phones of more famous brands such as Samsung or LG by offering similar advanced features and designs at a lower price than most flagship products, but even the cheapest OnePlus devices currently cost from $699. Let's get started The new Nord line will alleviate this problem by offering a phone that's cheaper than the company's current product

OnePlus is the first OnePlus Nord phone to look at I haven't provided too much details, but I said it will be launched in Europe and India North American customers interested in the OnePlus Nord line will have a chance through the "Restricted Beta Program" after the main launch internationally.

Due to leaks, the first OnePlus Nord phone (called OnePlus Z or OnePlus 8 Lite at once) was equipped with a 6.55 inch 90Hz OLED display with a 6GB Snapdragon 765G processor and internal storage of 128GB.The phone also has a 48 megapixel main It is expected to offer a camera and a 16-megapixel wide-angle lens.

OnePlus will learn more about the first OnePlus Nord phone at its first event in India on July 10th. Will be announced.

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