Pixelmator Pro adds support for iPhone Portrait Mode depth masks

The latest update to Pixelmator Pro supports portrait vertical masks on iPhone to allow you to do more with photos taken in portrait mode. In iOS 12+, photos taken in portrait mode can be imported with depth data in a separate layer mask to easily edit or completely change the background.

This feature is not available in the iPhone version of Pixelmator, or the default Mac version of Pixelmator. Pixelmator Pro is available for $ 39.99 and has premium features that are better than the $ 4.99 iPhone application and the $ 29.99 Mac application.

The Mac version of Pixelmator is a powerful image editing tool that supports RAW image processing, and Photoshop CC starts with a $ 10 subscription plan. This software is specifically optimized for Mac users and is updated consistently. Recent updates include new features such as opening documents by tab instead of Windows, comic book filter effects, and keyboard shortcuts.

It is worth noting that many other photo applications, such as Halide, can provide more to the user. You can control portrait mode photos, but it is not common to use this feature in Mac applications. The current update is free to existing customers, and if you want to try the Portrait depth feature, download Pixelmator Pro from the Mac App Store.

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