Samsung returns to record profits

Samsung Electronics announced today that it recorded the highest single-quarter profit according to the company's guidance. Samsung Electronics expects to earn 17.5 trillion won ($ 15.5 billion) in sales from its 65 trillion won ($ 57.5 billion) operating profit in the third quarter of 2018. This is an increase of 20%. In 2014, about 12% of the company's previous record is recorded at KRW15.64 million in the first quarter.

Samsung Electronics does detailed analysis of various business results You will have to wait for what the company has done since you did not. New height. With the Galaxy S9 disappointing in sales volume, components such as display and memory are likely to be the main drivers. Q3 is often important for launching new devices. It is not unreasonable for Apple to launch two new iPhone models with OLED screens supplied by high-end Samsung Electronics.

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