The new Microsoft Family Safety app now available in preview for iOS and Android

In March, we announced Microsoft Family Safety, a new application to help you protect what matters most with digital and physical security. Today, we are excited to start rolling out the app's limited preview release on iOS and Android.

With families working and learning from home, many of us are spending more time on our computers and phones and are looking for ways to ensure that our loved ones are safe . Microsoft Family Safety helps you facilitate a dialogue with your children about the time they spend on their devices and the type of content they are watching. The app provides transparency about where everyone spends time online and allows you to create flexible hours to get more time for things like online learning. Plus, it helps you stay connected even when you're separated from location swapping. Our team is committed to providing you with additional physical security features in the coming months, such as driving safely, so as we return to a new normal, you can help protect your family throughout your life.

Find the right balance for your family. Give your children independence to learn and explore, while setting limits to help them make good decisions. Children can see the same activity reports that their parents see, so everyone can be part of the conversation. In addition, with Microsoft Family Safety, family members can manage their data and information and with whom they are shared. We work around the clock to help protect your information and we will not sell your data.

Let's take a closer look as some of the features you can try in Family Safety Preview:

Develop Healthy Digital Habits: Activity Report

Get information about your child's activity family so you can chat about what your kids are doing online and on their devices. See screen time, top websites visited, and terms kids are looking for online. 2.3 Receive an email summary each week to help facilitate a dialogue about healthy digital options and start developing good habits from an early age.

 activity reports in the Microsoft Family Safety application

Find the screen time balance: Screen time limits

Set screen time limits on Windows and Xbox devices. Or if your kids will be on devices longer for things like online learning, you can set limits on specific apps or games. 2 Now, when it says only one hour of a certain game, that really means one hour of that game, whether it is played on a Windows PC, Xbox, or Android phone. And if they run out of screen time, they can order more. You have the option to add more time or not depending on what is appropriate for your family.

 screen time limits in the Microsoft Family Safety app

Choose the right content: Content Controls

Create a safe space for your children to explore online. Set healthy limits with the web and search filters to block adult content and set up navigation to kid-friendly websites in Microsoft Edge. 3 Receive notifications when your kids want to download a more mature app or game from Microsoft stores with age limits, keeping you informed and helping to avoid surprises. 5 Family Safety gives you the tools to start talking about the right type of content for your children.

 content controls in the Microsoft Family Safety app

Find your loved ones: Share location

Stay connected even when you're apart. See your loved ones on a shared location map. 4 Also, save the places you visit the most, like home, work, or school, to find out where family members are at a glance. With home stay orders and mobility restrictions currently in place, it is important to know where your loved ones are when they are not at home, for example, if your teenager was diverted while running to the grocery store and ended up at home. of a friend. And as we return to a new normal, staying in touch with loved ones will be even more important.

 share location in the Microsoft Family Safety app

We invite you to join the preview today so we can collect your feedback and continue to improve the experience ahead of its release in the coming months. Once started, the app will be available to download for free in the app stores.

The following explains how to join the preview:

For users who have already expressed an interest, we will contact instructions to download the preview.

We have limited availability for additional users on Android and iOS and invite you to register. As a preview participant, you get early access to the app and help shape the product by sharing feedback about your experience.

Microsoft Family Safety is best when used in conjunction. We are looking for families with children of all ages to join the preview. We ask that users who participate in the preview actively provide feedback to help us learn from their experience. You can send comments in the application by shaking your device or by touching the menu > Help and comments .

Get the preview .

From our family to yours, we couldn't be more excited to help you protect what matters most.

1 Currently in preview, available to a limited number of users on iOS and Android.
2 Only applications and games for Windows, Xbox and Android.
3 Enable SafeSearch with Microsoft Edge only on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices.
4 Location permissions must be active.
5 Applies to applications downloaded from Xbox and Microsoft stores. [19659031]

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