The provocateur who went out into the cold

When Laura Loomer returned to the New York headquarters on Twitter to protest, there was cold and cloudy weather in New York. In November last year, the right wing activist and provocatee handcuffed the building, demanding that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey dismiss him and remove others who believe he violated Twitter's terms of service. "

The rumors have been permanently discontinued on Twitter at the end of November 2018. According to BuzzFeed News, the ban is" "After a series of anti-Muslim lies on Ilham Omar, one of two Muslim women elected to parliament, on Twitter," said Loomer at the time, "19459060." Voters Fraud for fraud [spreading]. The second protest was that the crowd surrounding the rumor was a strange crew, a rotating group, many of whom were between 15 and 25 people, many living and complaining that they had received unfair censorship on their social networks.

Adrienna DiCioccio, co-organizer of events, told me a lot. "When you go online and try to search for something, you get an error like 404 or 451, which means censorship, which means you can not really find the information you are looking for," she said. (A 404 error means that the server did not find the requested page, and a 451 error means something was interrupted for legal reasons.)

DiCioccio continues our Uses a platform that agrees with and agrees with the Terms of Use (TOS), and the company does not comply with the terms. That's the problem. And that's why we're here. We have come here to truly demonstrate what is behind the algorithms for active and active users, that of active daily user affairs. Basically, we are. need. emptied. "

She acknowledged that she should block the user if she violated the website's terms of service." Did you know when two Live Crews were banned when they sang in the '90s? We live in America. (Live Crew Two rappers were arrested on trial for pornography in the early 1990s and were overturned and overturned

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