Twitter adds Data Saver feature to its iOS and Android apps

Twitter has released an updated version of its mobile app with options to reduce data usage as found in 9to5Mac . A new feature called Data Saver is now available as an option in your Twitter settings.

Data Saver can already use twitter many times, including Twitter for Windows and Twitter Lite. Under Settings, under Data Usage, you can use the data saver to control more of the amount of data you consume while using Twitter. When on, the video will load automatically at lower resolutions without autoplay. If you have content that you want to see in full quality, you can click the Tweet drop-down menu and select "Load High Quality."

There are other minor changes with this Twitter update. According to the release notes in the Apple App Store, there are group chat management, improved VoiceOver support for surveys, and better labeling for certain ad types.

Twitter Lite, which is the most important priority for you all day, is still a good option. It can take less than megabytes, save up to 70% of your data, and load up to 30% faster. However, if you need a temporary hat, you can use Data Saver on both the iOS and Android versions of Twitter.

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