Verizon is the biggest advertiser to join the Facebook ad boycott so far

Verizon is the newest and largest company joining Facebook and Instagram's ongoing ad boycott. Organized by the Anti-Pamming League, the boycott is responding to the problem that social media giants have dealt with President Donald Trump's so-called posts and that false information continues to be issued in recent weeks due to police brutality and protests against racism. Other news events that exposed flaws in Facebook's mediation approach.

Verizon has joined ice cream brands Ben & Jerry and numerous sports and outdoor lifestyle companies, including North Face and Patagonia, and Boycott's film distributor Magnolia Pictures. A number of digital advertising agencies have also begun to advise customers on how to participate, and the i360 reported publicly supporting The Wall Street Journal .

John Nitti, chief media officer at Verizon, said in a statement, "We have a strict content policy and there is no tolerance for violations." “We're pausing ads until Facebook can work with YouTube and other partners to create a comfortable and consistent solution.”

Global Business Group says Facebook is “for good Says you are constantly talking to advertisers about how to become “power” and trying to improve the way it operates. “We respect every brand's decision, and we continue to focus on important work that removes hatred and provides important voting information. Conversations with marketers and civil rights organizations are about how to get together. "

Participating companies, including Verizon, tried to fetch ads throughout July, but said they would resume buying on Facebook. Verizon didn't make any specific reasoning about the transfer. But the company's decision made Verizon Facebook's Using it as a failure case, it explains to Facebook advertisers announced today how it matches the requirements required by the ADL open letter, and how one of the company's advertisements is posted for posts promoting the Fringe QAnon conspiracy theory.[19659006] “The platform keeps getting shorter when dealing with rampant hate and harassment.”

This letter is called Hit Pause on Hate as part of ADL's extensive boycott effort.Try to change the company's inactivity and policy. This effort reflects the same tactical activists used by similar platform activists in 2017 to bring about similar boycotts for comparable and long-standing mediation efforts on video platforms.

"When dealing with massive hatred and harassment, the platform It will continue to appear short. What are they doing with $70 billion in revenue and $17 billion in revenue?” Read the ADL open letter. “Their hate, stimulus and misinformation policies are unfair. Bullying victim services are inappropriate. It is a coincidence that ad placements are close to hateful content. And their 'Citizenship'Thanksgiving Transparency Report does not help the citizenship community.”

For other brands participating in Boycott, debates with social networks demand violence against Trump posts Protesters and other forms of armed forces were uncertain. Unlike Twitter, who began by limiting or misleading the reach of the rules that called Trump Tweets violent, Facebook CEO Mark Lord Cover, he maintained a strong position that did not affect Trump's speech despite backlash within the company. .

Facebook took action to resolve the controversy last month. State Cover He has spoken for a long time in a public statement about his decision, and the company recently decided to remove the advertising of the Trump campaign, which contained Nazi images. Zuckerberg said in a recent election integrity announcement that Facebook will allow future users to disable political advertising.

Facebook also joined Twitter to remove the rigged video of two infant toddlers reposted from the popular right-most meme account permanently suspended on Twitter. Twitter initially marked the tweeted version of the video as "manipulated media" because CNN falsely claimed to maliciously edit a video that wasn't running at first. However, after one of the infant's parents featured in the clip filed a copyright infringement, both platforms removed the video.

Update: June 25 at 7:02 pm ET: Added a statement on Facebook.

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