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Final update: April 29, 2020.

Old fax methods are inconvenient and complicated. People spent a lot of money on the entire fax process and fax equipment. Now when all wear tools are replaced by pocket sized gadgets the old fax method is heading for a new one.

Now people can communicate worldwide over the Internet. Due to continuous development, a more convenient and better way to communicate than competitors is desirable. Some ancients are still admired for the way they communicate.

For those people, modern technology has integrated existing communication methods into today's technology. This stage revolutionized the entire process of information leakage. You can send a fax online with a few clicks .

Online fax services have turned cell phones, laptops and PCs into virtual fax machines. This article describes various methods you can use to send and receive faxes online.

Other online fax methods

Online fax service is software designed to convert analog signals to digital signals. So they act as translators and decrypt analog signals transmitted by vintage fax machines to digital files and vice versa. For them you don't have to go anywhere. Choose the best online fax service, go to the official site and get a subscription to start sending faxes at home, office or on foot.

You can send and receive faxes through your email account, but you need an online fax service because sending a fax directly from your email account is like sending an email from a landline phone.

You can send faxes directly from Google Drive. This requires the CoFax add-on .

  Some Windows have built-in software for online faxing, but the features are:
Limited and the whole process is cumbersome. Wired may still be required
Connection and landline phone should be empty. To send a fax once
You can use this service by paying a phone bill. 

CoFax-a famous online fax service

CoFax is a user-oriented online fax service, an excellence in online services. CocoFax has made faxing convenient by providing many useful features and free online fax numbers. For your convenience, this service allows you to send and receive faxes via email.

CocoFax provides a wide storage capacity and an encrypted message service. No need to worry about information leaks. With CocoFax, if you send free fax online for the required period, you can sign up and use free trial for a month and if you need to send a few faxes you subscribe to cheap plans Please cancel.

Free fax numbers are provided and you can use them to send and receive faxes of that number.

Why CocoFax is preferred for sending online faxes

CocoFax is the most reputable service. It has been approved by many established companies and used by millions of users worldwide. It provides all the essential features necessary for an efficient fax process.

For faxing through this service, no wired or fax machine is required. You only need a few.

  • Internet connection
  • Gmail account
  • Sign up for a CocoFax account
  • Fax number

You don't have to worry about the fax number. Free online for the first 30 days. Personalized number. Now you don't need to share your fax machine with the whole office staff. For more information on CocoFax click here .

Guidelines for sending faxes through CocoFax

Sending online faxes through a CocoFax web browser

You must perform some steps

Step 1: CocoFax's official website Go to and register on your account. The first step in the sign-up process is choosing a toll-free fax number. You can choose fax numbers from any category, such as toll-free numbers, easy-to-use vanity numbers, or local fax numbers.

The next step is to enter your personal information and Gmail ID. You will be notified of the status of your fax to this email address.

Step 2 : When you sign up for the CocoFax dashboard it opens in front. Now click the & # 39; New Fax & # 39; option to send the fax. A new window opens where you can compose your first fax.

Step 3: Fill in all required fields in a new window.

To field: In this field, you must enter the recipient's fax number. To do that, you need to know the recipient's fax number. Otherwise, you cannot send a fax.

Title field : This field is optional. To enter anything here, it appears at the top of the fax.

Body field: Optional. It appears as the first page of the fax.

Attachment: Multiple documents cannot be attached at the same time from multiple places. This eliminates the hassle of having to send multiple faxes.

Step 4: Review the fax and click the & # 39; Send & # 39; button.

CocoFax sends a fax to the recipient. When using a computer or when the recipient is using the fax machine digital documents are converted to analog signals and delivered to the recipient.

I am notified that the fax was successfully delivered.

Receive a fax through the CocoFax web browser:

You can easily receive a fax by fax number. You will be notified when you receive a new fax. You can read at any time without any additional steps. Go to the CocoFax dashboard and read the fax you want.

Sending faxes by email using CocoFax:

CoFax has made faxing much more convenient by allowing you to fax emails and fax them by email. To do this, sign up for a CocoFax account and get a free fax number . Then enter the email address you will use to send and receive faxes.

The only difference here is the fax number you added to the & # 39; To & # 39; fields. Enter the fax number that came online first, followed by the suffix & # 39; @ cocofax.com & # 39 ;. For example, if your fax number is 123456, enter [email protected]

After attaching the document you want to send, you can review the fax. When satisfied, click the & # 39; Send & # 39; button.

Fax from Google Drive using CocoFax:

Fax sent from Google Drive using CocoFax:

The way business companies send documents has changed, making it possible to send from CocoFax. Fax from Google Drive. To do this, you need to complete a few steps. The first is the same. You will need your account and the free fax number provided by your account. The next step is to download the CocoFax add-on for Google Drive .

Next, open the document you want to fax from Google Drive and review it if you want. Then click the & # 39; Add-ons & # 39; Options in the menu bar then select the & # 39; CocoFax & # 39; Add-ons and click on & # when finished. 39 Press the “Send” button. Before that, you need to log in by entering your login credentials. You need to enter the recipient's fax number. From here, you can fax documents directly without downloading them.


Free online faxing is the most convenient method of faxing, and CocoFax has upgraded online faxing. You can send a fax via web browser, email and Google Drive. It has all the features imaginable so far.

With CocoFax, faxing through CocoFax is a heavy, old-fashioned machine and hassle-free procedures, so you forget about old fax machines.

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