What Facebook doesn’t understand about the Facebook walkout


Friday afternoon, Facebook made one of the most controversial content adjustment decisions in company history. After President Trump posted a tweet on Facebook that alerted him to "pleasing violence," Mark Lord Cover said that the company would allow his position.

Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post, “I know a lot of people are upset about leaving our office. However, our position is that as much expression as possible should be possible, as long as it does not pose an imminent danger to a particular situation. Trump published Twitter in 1967, citing the former Miami police who demanded a crackdown on the city's black community. And, as the President suggested, there was a long weekend of violence in the United States, and police raped protesters and bystanders across the country for the next few days.

Zuckerberg said Facebook left the post for two reasons. "People need to know if the government is planning to deploy power." And second, Trump (maybe?) kind of read the original post again later. "The original post warns of the possibility that looting can lead to violence." The main cover He claimed that there was good reason for Facebook to set up a post, regardless of whether Trump caused violence in his own words.

The Joker Bug had a meeting with the staff after sharing the post with the world. View. The main cover He said he was worried about his decision at the meeting I got. "It was very difficult to deal with the president's position," said State Cover, who took part in the discussion with Monika Bickert, head of policy management. “From the time I got up, I was basically struggling all day. … This was a very difficult job for me personally.”

Week cover He repeatedly emphasized misfortune with Trump's comments. "My first reaction was… disgusting." “It's not the way we want our leaders to appear at this point. Now is the moment for those who are struggling to demand unity, tranquility and empathy.”

Recently, he and Vickers executives concluded that Trump's comments did not violate existing policies. But he said he would review Facebook's policy on politicians about the use of armed forces. He said it would take weeks.

To advance our policy on the debate over the use of force in the country,” told staff on Friday. “As the guards are deployed tomorrow, the biggest thing I will worry about in the future will be the excessive use of the police or the military. I think there is a good argument that there should be more scope in the discussion about that.” The main cover He didn't elaborate on what more “boundaries” meant in this case, or what he thought the policy should change to disallow Trump-like posts.

Zuckerberg said in response to an employee's question that he did not agree with Twitter's arrangement. Violates tweets after warning. "If you believe the post will cause people to experience real violence, I don't think this should happen right after the warning," he said. “Some people may be comforted by the fact that Twitter has taken steps a even though Twitter hasn't fully improved. However, I personally disagree with that step. "Friday, Zuckerberg's message to employees was that and Trump Post are ready to do so in the future, even though Facebook hasn't removed Facebook. The president violates company policy. It satisfied some of the employees, but mourned the others, anger sprang from a series of internal threads, as reported by The Verge on Thursday

The Facebook employee then over the weekend A long-standing standard where they don't blame their employers

On Monday, they took the most important collective worker action in the company's 15-year history, sources say it's difficult to measure the number of people involved in a virtual strike, but an internal group dedicated to this effort There were about 400.

II. Strike

“I am a FB employee who disagrees completely with Mark's decision on Trump's recent posts that provoke violence.” Jason Stirman on Saturday. “I'm not alone with the FB. There is no neutral stance on racism.”

Jason Toff, a former employee of Twitter and Google, who is developing an experimental app on Facebook, made these feelings on Sunday. Reflected. "I am working on Facebook and I am not proud of our appearance." Toff tweeted . “Most of the colleagues I talked about think the same way. We are speaking our voices. "

Within a few hours, there were dozens of tweets of employees working across the company, all disappointing with the employer's decision, and on Monday dozens of employees started a virtual strike to take advantage of themselves on the day The New York Times reported that employees were compiling a request list, and some senior employees threatened to resign if Zuckerberg did not cancel his decision.

I'm at risk, not from behind.” Facebook's product designer Sara Zhang tweeted. “We will join the black community inside and outside the FB and participate in today's virtual strike. #BlackLivesMatter”

At this point we have seen our share of the behavior of workers in large companies. Google strikes against sexual harassment opened in 2018, and protests were held in Amazon, Microsoft, and Sales Force. And in October, hundreds of Facebook employees signed an open letter to Zuckerberg about his decision to exempt political advertising from fact-finding in October.

Notable in this letter still adopted a format that almost always disagreed on Facebook. Internal discussion. (One source expressed internal anger over Joel Kaplan's public support for the controversial Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a nomination hearing. The difference from Monday's strike was that the protests were released first. Boot, for Facebook employees, the option to discuss concerns about Twitter has been very effective for two reasons: one is that posts guarantee coverage because Twitter is where journalists live. Second, on Twitter's Facebook page Since the sentiment of the Korean government is generally hostile, criticism of the current employee's company has been widely disseminated through retweets

Workers' opinions about some employees, co-founders and top management were less ambiguous in criticism. Years have passed, and none of these employees have said that people “delete Facebook” as did WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, but what they shared was technical workers even when worker behaviors were becoming increasingly common. It was still a shame for an unprecedented employer amongst.

“Facebook's act of eliminating violence that triggers the smoke of the Frumpbook makes me ashamed to work here,” tweeted by engineer Lauren Tan “I totally disagree. I enjoy the technical part of the job and work with smart and friendly people, but this is not right. Silence is a complicity.”

Another inspiring aspect of the workers protest is that management at least I was sitting in a public statement and accepting it, I can't bend back to allow the President's post on the crowd shooting, I can't tell my staff I can't discuss their feelings, and I can't say anything about all the arguments. Facebook official saying that they should go for it It was. “We are now aware of the suffering that many people, especially the black community, are feeling. "We encourage employees to speak publicly when they disagree with leadership."

Many employees' complaints seemed to have been raised because of fear that Trump would have implemented a policy because there was no line for Trump to cross over. Zuckerberg and B. Kurt had many meetings on Friday. Just two months ago, the company deleted a post by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro promoting the treatment of a fake corona virus. The company may claim to be more sensitive to the pressures of American conservatives, and many good reports have been the result in the past few years. However, the idea that Trump cannot cross on Facebook doesn't give a plausible impression.

Of course, I'm not sure until Facebook actually acts against Trump. In the meantime, many employees have already signaled that the red line has fallen. For Zuckerberg and his policy team, Trump is a legal matter. It's about how certain words and phrases match their standards. However, according to the workers, Trump poses a danger to friends, family, the community, and themselves [도덕적]

The size of Facebook depends on the fair decisions of the Republicans and Democrats. Make sure the platform is as big as possible. Note cover He tried to distinguish his role as CEO from his feelings. Trump donated $10 million to organizations working for racial justice in private time, arguing for the right to freedom of expression at work.

We devoted ourselves to the idea that we can only have one true identity in this life. When employees logged off on Monday, the company began to grasp the limitations of both methods.

Next Steps

Some black executives met with Zuckerberg on Monday to discuss concerns. Facebook has a meeting with employees expected to ask questions Zuckerberg on Tuesday. The strike organizer is developing a list of needs for the company.


It is news that can influence the public perception of today's big technology platform.

Final Final : YouTube is donating $1 million to the Policing Equity Center to demonstrate “solidarity against racism and violence”. The company tweeted that it would fund "to support efforts to deal with social injustice." (Kim Lyons / The Verge )

Trending down : Due to a technical flaw in TikTok #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd looked like posts using hashtags. TikTok apologized for this error and said, “Many people know that this bug was thought to be an intentional act to suppress the experience and neutralize the feelings the black community feels.” TikTok said it will make more efforts to promote Black Creator in the future.

Viral tracker

Total cases in the United States: More than 1,807,200

Total deaths in the United States: Minimum 104,700

Cases reported in California: 113,852

California Overall test results (positive and negative): 1,944,848

Cases reported in New York: 376,520

Total test results in New York (positive and negative): 2,063,825

Reported in New Jersey Cases: 160,445

New Jersey total test results (positive and negative): 746,145

Cases reported in Illinois: 120,588

Total test results in Illinois (positive and Negative): 898,259

Data from New York Times Test data from COVID tracking project .


⭐ Wrong information about Washington DC protests related to George Floyd's murder of police is soaring on Twitter . One of the rumors alleged that authorities somehow stopped protesters from communicating with their smartphones to relieve anxiety. Washington Post:

Protests were widespread on Sunday nights and Monday mornings near downtown Washington and the White House. Last week, the police began to protest peacefully in Washington Floyd, as the murder of the police died as Washington got darker, including rioters smashing windows, lighting fires, and turning cars, despite 11 am last week on November 11th.

But the degree of personal injury described by tweets using #DCblackout far exceeded reality. Warnings spread across the uneasy video between the police and the protesters, but unlike other US cities facing anxiety, it wasn't clear how many images came out of Washington.

Social media is used to provide galvanization to protesters. However, misinformation about anxiety is widespread not only on DC, but also on platforms. (Sarah E. Needleman and Sebastian Herrera / The Wall Street Journal )

Authorities and law enforcement officers are helping outside organizations to blame for violent confrontations in protests over the weekend. However, there is little evidence for that claim. Over the weekend, people across the United States captured the most comprehensive and vivid look at police violence. This post contains images and videos of scenes captured across the country and has been widely shared on social sites. (T.C. Sottek / The Verge )

Police violence will make fighting COVID-19 difficult. In the wake of police responding to protests, vulnerable communities can be much less likely to trust and cooperate with health authorities. It can make it difficult to control another wave of disease. (Nicole Wetsman / The Verge )

The Dallas Police Department asked people to send a “cheat video” in the city's Black Lives Matter protest. Instead, photos and videos from K-pop artists poured. (Caroline Haskins / BuzzFeed )

Apple CEO Tim Cook In a letter to George Floyd's murder to employees, “Today's painful past still exists. "He also said the company will donate to the Equality Justice Initiative, a non-profit organization focused on racial injustice. (Mark Gurman/Bloomberg)

Google Sundar Pichai CEO Friday emailed US employees about protests and anxiety Unlike other technology industry leaders, technology experts have not promised to support government-specific policy changes in response to protests (Rob Price / Business Insider )

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel demanded the establishment of an American Commission dealing with racial injustice and comprehensive tax reform, which, according to a long mention to employees, said he was “serious and angry” by American racism Said, read this article, the most thoughtful answer of the company's response to the violence of the weekend I saw:

Trump's administrative order against social media companies could be counterproductive. Without liability protection, companies such as Twitter should be more active in delivering messages that push the boundaries, including the President (Peter Baker and Daisuke Wakaba / Daisuke Wakaba / New York Times ] [19659057]Also: Trump's order can compromise online speech by squeezing social media platforms to provide preferential treatment for their content (Charles Duan and Jeffrey Westling / Lawfare )

Trump's Twitter tweet confirmation The decision on fact is part of a long tradition maintained by the aggressive internet troll . Power users with passionate followers confront mediators of their favorite Internet services. The best explanation of the mechanics of Trump, Twitter, Facebook I read. (Kevin Roose / New York Times )

Lawmakers are releasing bipartisan legislation to regulate the contact tracking and exposure notification apps. Their goal is to ensure that apps to fight coronavirus do not sacrifice user privacy. (Tony Romm / Washington Post )

The state-based contact tracking app can be catastrophic. Without national plans for these apps, security and interoperability issues grow. (Andy Greenberg / Wired )

YouTube said he made a mistake in deleting a controversial video about a controversial hydroxychloroquine published by a famous doctor. COVID-19 Content seems to be incidental in the company's fight for misinformation. (Mark Bergen / Bloomberg)


Google has withdrawn the offer to thousands of contractors due to the ad recession due to the corona virus crisis. The contract affected more than 2,000 people around the world who signed the offer to become contract or temporary workers. Story of the New York Times and Daisuke Skebayashi:

Many contracts and temporary candidates who agreed to work on Google before the pandemic began in the United States were fired or financially compensated. Several weeks of uncertainty arose as they repeatedly postpone start dates that were not paid by Google or the staff agency.

Some contractors left a stable full-time job after receiving a job offer. Google is currently looking for a job in a difficult labor market. Some of the Americans pointed out that the ability to receive unemployment benefits was delayed because the withdrawn offer was complex and in some cases, some workers facing this temporary job voluntarily left the last job.

Slack is organized. They distribute groceries and extra air conditioning using tools designed to convert labor into money as efficiently as possible. (Kaitlyn Tiffany / Atlantic )

Inside Amazon's hierarchical corporate culture. This survey is part of a series called Tech Nations, which surveys the world's largest technology companies as if they were not companies. Introducing one of our first interviews with the recent Amazon apostle Tim Bray. (Alexi Mostrous and James Ball / Tortoise Media )

Zoom plans to release strong encryption for customer payments, but not for those with free accounts. [Joseph Menn / Reuters]

What to do

A idiot trying to capture you online during the quarantine period.

Please rejoice in the treasure. This comprehensive guide by Rolling Stone has a guide to supporting national and national efforts, including the George George Floyd of Minnesota Memorial Fund. Today, black life is important every day.

And Here is a better idea on how to get help in The Verge .


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