Zoom says free users will get end-to-end encryption after all

Zoom said its video conferencing software users will enable end-to-end encryption of calls starting in the beta next month. This feature is not limited to paid enterprise users. Zoom will be available to both free and paid users, and said it's a toggle switch that any call manager can turn on or off if you want to allow existing phone lines or older conference room calls.

"Zoom does not proactively monitor meeting content and does not share information with law enforcement agencies, except in situations such as child sexual abuse." A spokesman for the company said at the time, following the comments of Zoom CEO Eric Yuan during a call with investors after the company's quarterly earnings announcement. We plan to provide end-to-end encryption to identifiable users to limit damage to vulnerable groups. Free users sign up with an email address that doesn't provide enough information to verify their identity. "

Zoom has faced severe criticism for failing to enhance security despite a sharp increase since the epidemic of COVID-19 began. User growth as Zoom and similar services become virtual hangout tools while locked. 3 At the end of the month, Zoom admitted that it uses standard web browser data encryption, but not industry-standard end-to-end encryption, the company has spent some time improving security and developing new encryption solutions.

The company has yet to find a workaround: “To make this possible, free/primary users who want to access E2EE will be involved in a one-time process that requires additional information such as phone number verification via text message.” Zoom Posts: “Many leading companies follow similar steps to account creation to reduce the mass creation of malicious accounts. We continue by implementing risk-based authentication with a variety of current tools, including user reporting. We are confident that we can prevent and fight abuse.”

Zoom uses AES 256 GCM transport encryption as the default and describes it as "one of the strongest encryption standards currently in use." I'm not sure when this feature will be released, but a beta version will be released in July, Zoom wants account managers to have some level of privileges to enable or disable this feature at the account or group level

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